Got Questions?

Here are a number of frequently-asked questions that we get:


How much personal time will it take?

In addition to weekly rehearsals throughout the year, there is usually one concert either during the autumn or in early December.  We also participate in a Sweet Adelines regional competition in March or April each year, and have an annual Saturday retreat to focus on preparing for competition.

We try to perform in and around our area once or twice a month for local festivals, business events, arts events and charitable events, as well as doing occasional flash mobs around downtown.  All of these opportunities are optional depending on your personal schedule, although participation is encouraged and a lot of fun!    



What is the cost?

After completing an audition and becoming eligible to be a member, the one-time Initial dues for the first year of annual dues for both Sweet Adeline International and Regional dues will be $170.00.

International and Regional dues escrow for next year are included in the monthly dues of $37.00 which also includes a costume rental fee, and local chorus dues.  Payment plans are available so feel free to talk with our Finance Manager.  We want to help.

 If you are a Youth, 25 years of age or under, the dues would be half of the adult dues total plus the full amount of the costume and Regional Fair Share Assessment fees.


What is the audition procedure?

Very simple.  You learn one song. When you are ready to sing without the music, you sing that song with the chorus into a voice recorder. Someone in the chorus will sing your part next to you.  The director and music team will listen to the recording after rehearsal and determine if you are able to hold your part and blend well with the chorus.  You will be notified the next day if you have passed.  If you need to record again that will be allowed.

We also have sound files with your part that you may take home and practice with and your section leader will be happy to arrange extra rehearsals to prepare you for your audition.


Do I have to be a great singer?

Absolutely not. You need to be able to find and hold a pitch, and sing your own part.  Good vocal techniques are a vital part of every rehearsal, so the longer you sing with us, the better you’ll get.  Those who do not read music can learn the songs by listening to recordings and CDs.   We have sectional rehearsals for just the part you sing so we learn together.

There are 4 parts to a chord and you will be placed according to your voice range by our director.


How do I learn the songs?

We receive our music on paper.  We have ample time to learn at Chorus. Voice recorders are recommended for this purpose, or you can check the music out to take home and practice. There are also CDs or sound files for your part if needed. Please feel free to ask for one.  After several weeks, our director will tell us when to have our music learned by heart. We’re usually ready by that time.

Your fellow section members and section leaders are always happy to help if you need a little extra, so please let us know.





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